(17-18) Streetscape Territories, Red H

(urban emergent processes)
(urban projects at the intermediate scale)
Streetscape Territories is the name given to an international research and design project that focuses on architecture and the transformation of the urban fabric, considering its streetscapes the protagonists. The project deals with the way architectural artefacts, open space, the property structure and its inherent accessibility and permeability configure streetscapes and how their inhabitants can give meaning to them.

This project focuses on the territorial organization of streetscapes, explored in different contexts, studied as part of different cultures and defined by different social networks.

Multiple cases, operating at the intermediate scale, are subject of analysis and design. Workshops, design studios, master dissertations are linked to  the current research projects in New York, Havana, Addis Abeba, Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp and Barcelona.

planning 2017-2018

  • presentation of Streetscape Territories framework: June 6-7 2017
  • assigning students to Streetscape Territories project: end of June 2017
  • more detailed briefing of dates/bibliography/programme etc: end of June 2017
  • on site research stay in NY: November 3-12 2017 (mandatory)
  • on site design stay in NY: 3 weeks in spring semester 2018 (week before and 2 weeks of spring break: mandatory)

The Faculty of Architecture provides local contacts and input from local institutions, academics and profesionals, as this Streetscape Territories Master Dissertation studio initiates the activities part of the Faculty of Architecture research and design hub in NY. Besides taking the city itself as a working laboratory, some meeting and presentation spaces will be provided to the participating students.

No funding is available for travel or accommodation costs (as it is neither the case for other foreign sites visits for the Master Dissertation), but different options will be provided for the participating students to be accommodated (from couch surfing, airbnb to affordable hotels/guesthouses or residences.)

During the stays, excursion trips will be organised and working lunches will be provided for the participating students (paid by the Faculty of Architecture or through collaboration of the Flanders House New York).

All students are personally responsible to obtain the lnecessary egal documents to travel or stay in USA during the mentioned periods.

For more information: https://arch.kuleuven.be/english/international/the-new-york-chapter Also check: https://streetscapeterritories.org/about-streetscape-territories/

Read more on the studio here.

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