(17-18) Displacement! Re-placement

Multiple readings of the urban landscape (working on site in London)

A displacement can happen with an object, a thing or a person. Unlike a shiL or transposi.on, which can be described as a rela.ve change, displacement implies that there was on original place of belonging.

Replacement is a mere exchange, or re-­‐placement. There is no established criteria or order by which one thing or condi.on shall be replaced by another. There is, per se no right or wrong. And yet, our systems of references, whether these are individual or shared will oLen place a value on the occurring transi.ons and shiLs. The measure of something or someone being out of place is subjec.ve or collec.ve, fostered by our culture, our systems of values and our experiences on which we model these comparisons.

Displacement and Replacement can also refer to an experience or perceived shiL. Hence, someone could feel displaced or replaced. In some cases the sense of displacement might be very stark and publically acknowledged in other cases the degree of the experienced displacement can vary and with that also the public percep.on.

In this sense both terms elude to sen.ments of belonging which connects to the theme of the concept of home.

Foto: Imogen Cunningham, Unmade Bed, no date.

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