Architecture of peace

Can we materialize peace?

The difference between the leG: peace (keeping) and the right: war image is hardly visible.

Syrian architect Begin Dawod asks his Lebanese colleagues for advise.

The building boom in Beirut continues.

The traveling exhibition Architecture of Peace shows the difficulties of post conflict reconstruction but also cases where architecture did make a succesful contribution.


  • The master dissertation studio focuses on the possibilities for architecture and architects to make a positive contribution to a post conflict situation. It looks at the tools and tricks the architect has available and points at the dangers of ins=ga=ng new strife through physical intervention.

  • The field trip goes to Beirut as a start of the investigation but the site of intervention is free for the students to choose from.

  • The ‘learning from’ is focusing on postwar circumstances but the interventions can be applicable to any conflictual situation in any city today

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